About Us

Our philosophy

Our small, approachable subsidiaries are well-versed in a complete range of local services tailored to our customers’ needs.

The proven track record enjoyed by LMSC is firmly anchored of living up to strong values: quality, responsiveness, professionalism and flexibility.

  • • We take our responsibilities seriously.
  • • Our reports are confidential to our clients.
  • • We do not accept work where a conflict of interest might arise.
  • • Electronic reporting ensures the swift transmission of information to anywhere in the   world.
  • • When engaged by clients our surveyors establish their specific requirements and   requests at the outset.
  • • Reports are submitted swiftly after the completion of surveys, all staff being aware of   clients needs for information.
  • • Surveyors keep in close contact with clients throughout, by telephone and/or e-mail   and sending interim survey reports when necessary.
  • • Reports are accurate and concise, accompanied by digital photographs and diagrams   when necessary and backed up by factual documentation.
  • • All LMSC staff endeavour to be approachable, friendly and flexible to clients' needs in   the course of providing a professional and efficient service.